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Are you keeping up with the news? Why you should be concerned about euthanasia Bill C-7

See the webinar here:

Alex Schadenberg is the Executive Director of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. He works to advance life-affirming measures in Canada and is an expert on assisted suicide/euthanasia/"Medical Assistance in Dying" and their alternatives (palliative care).

Read the EPC blog at or contact the EPC at


Read more about life issues here:

December 2020 EPC Newsletter is online now (Link)

Canada's euthanasia Bill C-7 must be defeated. (Link).

Watch our three most recent EPC webinars: * Why you should be concerned about euthanasia Bill C-7 (Link). * Psychiatrists should not be participating in euthanasia (Link). * Assisted suicide lethal drug experiments in the US (Link).

More than 88,000 people have signed our petition opposing child euthanasia in the Netherlands (Link).

The Life-Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care will protect you when you cannot speak for yourself (Link).

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