Blessed feast of the Archangels!

St. Raphael (meaning God is my healer)

O glorious Archangel,

St. Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are the "Medicine of God." I humbly pray to you to heal the many infirmities of my soul, and the ills which afflict my body, if it be for my greater good. I especially ask of you an angelic purity, which may fit me to be the temple of the Holy Spirit.

St. Michael (meaning Who is like the Lord God)

O glorious Archangel,

St. Michael, watch over us during life, defend us against the assaults of the demon, assist us especially at the hour of death; obtain for us a favorable judgment and the happiness of beholding God face to face for endless ages.

St. Gabriel (meaning God is my strength)

O glorious Archangel, St. Gabriel, we beseech thee, intercede for us at the throne of Divine Mercy in our present necessities, that as you did announce to Mary the mystery of the Incarnation, so through your prayers and patronage in heaven may we obtain the benefits of the same, and sing the praise of God forever in the land of the living.

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