Don't know how to do a Daily Examen of Conscience?

Many Catholics have a daily practice of examining their consciences for a few minutes at the end of each day. Here's a quick 5-step instruction set to help you do so:

1. Recall that you are in the presence of God. "God, I believe that at this moment I am in your presence and you are loving me."

2. Ask for help from the Holy Spirit. "God, you know my needs better than I know them. Give me your light and help as I review my day."

3. Review your day. "God, help me to review the events of this day in order to recognize your blessings and my shortcomings."

4. Ask for pardon and give thanks. "God, I ask your forgiveness for my failings, especially the sin of ______________, and I thank you for all your blessings, especially ______________."

5. Resolve to listen to God's voice. "As I look forward to the rest of this day, make me aware that you are with me, show me how to become the person you want me to be."

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