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Donate now! Ukraine Regional Assistance

Ukraine Regional Assistance

This relief fund will support both family and our Chalice colleagues with extra funds, in addition to the amounts they would regularly receive as sponsorship funds, or their salary as staff members. These funds will be used to meet urgent family needs, which include, but are not limited to, food, medication, transportation, home repair and emergency shelter. As the situation evolves, sites may identify other urgent needs that could be supported by this relief fund.

A generous private donor has agreed to match donations up to $250,000, doubling your impact.

An Update On our Sites

Since 1998, Chalice supporters have opened their hearts to the people of Ukraine. We now support more than 4000 children there at three sites: Pochaiv, Lviv and Ternopil. Our Pochaiv site, named after a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, is in the regions of Volyn and Ivano-Frankisvsk; the Ternopil and Lviv sponsor sites are named for the geographic regions they serve. All three are in the west of Ukraine. The west has seen fewer attacks than the east, but the entire country is at war. Activity to the west has included attacks on airfields, towers, and military units. More are anticipated, and many residents are sheltering.

We are grateful that, to date, we have received no reports of injuries or fatalities among our sponsored families. However, the conflict puts families and staff in danger, possibly necessitating the need to relocate.

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