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Enter into the Mysteries of Holy Week through Ancient Eyes with Dr. Brant Pitre on FORMED

If you only had seven days to live, wouldn't you live those last seven days with great intentionality? Today, Passion (Palm) Sunday, Christ marks the beginning of the last week of his life by his entrance into Jerusalem on a donkey. Why a donkey? What do the palms represent? What does 'hosanna' mean?

Explore the last seven days of Christ's life through the eyes of a first-century Jew in this incredible 1-hr lecture by Scripture Scholar, Dr. Brant Pitre. Learn the Old Testament prophecies that Christ fulfills in his last seven days on earth.

Dr. Brant Pitre takes listeners on a Scriptural walk from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday. Learn about Jesus's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, why he cursed a fig tree, the importance of the "blood and water" that flowed out from Christ's side, and more.

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