Mid-Week Reflection: The Raising of Lazarus

[D]eath is a reality; but it is not the final word. Christ is the final Word – namely, the life-giving Word. Christ brings Lazarus back to life. He desires to do the same for us. - Bishop Barron

A blessed Fifth Week of Lent.

How quickly the Sunday homily is forgotten. By Wednesday, we might have no recollection of what we heard only a few days before. This week's Gospel told the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. In a way, we are all Lazarus, dead in sin. Jesus comes to save us from death caused by our sin. He creates us anew and redeems us. With Him we can have life eternal.

Take two minutes to answer a few questions:

In which areas of my life do I need Jesus to free me from my sins so that I can find new life with Him? What do I struggle with the most --sloth (spiritual laziness), gluttony (over-indulging on food or drink), lust (not living a chaste life according to my state as a single or married person), unrighteous anger or pride?

What progress have I made this week towards asking Jesus to free me from the bonds of my sins and in striving to be more virtuous? Perhaps I have fallen badly this week. Help me to get up, Lord, and to try again as You will do in next Sunday's Gospel reading.

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