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New restrictions for Faith Gatherings as of Monday, Nov 2

Please be aware of the new restrictions as of today. See the full memo here from the Archdiocese.

*Please note the distinction between guidelines for 'faith gatherings' which includes regular weekday and Sunday Masses and catechism classes, and 'public gatherings' under which fall religious events such as weddings and funerals.

As of Monday, Nov. 2, Westman Deanery: Orange (Restricted)

  • Limit on faith gatherings: the lower of 20% of church capacity or 250 people

  • Limit on public gatherings including weddings and funerals: 5 people (indoors and outdoors)

  • Face masks required

Notes on St. Augustine's: 20% of church capacity = 80 persons inside the Church proper. St. Augustine's can also accommodate persons in the Parish Square and the Knights of Columbus Room in addition to seating in the Church.

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